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Multi-Location Geo-Targeting

At Ceemi Agency in Long Beach, CA our geo-targeted marketing techniques, we can streamline and optimize the content that visitors see when they explore your website. We identify the geographical location of a website visitor and then deliver relevant content based on that location.

This allows you to connect with consumers and provide content that they deem valuable.

To understand how this works, you must first understand how Google works.

Let’s say you are looking for a plumber. If you were to type in something specific like “plumber near me,” Google will do its best to find results that are CLOSEST to you. How does Google do this? It tracks your IP address’s location and then finds the results that are in the corresponding city of your device’s IP address.

Google does this to show customers the most relevant results, but for business owners, showing up in a city that they serve, but are not actually located in, will benefit them and their customers. Most marketing agencies will charge significant amounts of money ($500-$900) per month PER city in order to get your business to appear in search results for multiple cities.

To conserve their budget, most business owners will only use tactics that benefit broad keywords in SEO rather than local SEO, which is more likely to get relevant traffic to your website and is easier to rank for since there is less competition.

Content changes based on geographic location

So how does this relate to Multi-Locational Geo Targeting?

This strategy will allow sites to be CLONED. We will make a site that is exactly like the main site, but instead, we will switch out the text that says “Long Beach, CA” with “Huntington Beach, CA.”

By doing this, your site will now start ranking in the surrounding cities that you also serve. Normally this is a very expensive process, but with our technology, we are able to clone dozens or even hundreds of sites at the push of a button. An IT person who is SEO savvy may ask, “Doesn’t this create duplicate content that will cause Google to penalize your site?”

The answer is no, not in this case. Google will penalize you when you create multiple sites to show up in the same searches. For example, let’s say you owned and then you own as well. Then, you created the same site on both domains to gain multiple spots in the same Google search results. This is BAD.

Why are we so amazing at geo-targeting?

First, we are one of the few companies that do this. In addition, unlike most companies, we don’t charge crazy amounts of money for this service. Our Bronze Package, which is the most affordable, already includes 5 cities for your business to target!

What Clients Are Saying About Ceemi Agency

"Michael and his team are the best! They work hard in managing our website and they make sure that potential clients know the type of services we provide. If any changes need to be made on our website, they are more than happy to do it.

They also advertise on our behalf. Since hiring Ceemi Agency, I have seen progress in the amount of potential clients that contact us. Just last month, we had twelve leads and all twelve hired us. These are the type of results that Ceemi Agency provides.

Hiring Ceemi Agency has been the best decision we've ever made."

Andrea Alfaro | Paralegal, Advanced Paralegal Services

"When it comes to sales approach, negotiation skills, and overall ability to understand a business and what is needed to increase revenue— Michael knows his stuff. From a consulting point of view, his strong sense of business will help directly and indirectly impact the bottom line numbers."

Eddie Sardinha | Owner, Lev Group