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An effective ad has always been able to sell a product.

Even though advertising campaigns of the fifties and sixties might look radically different when you compare it to today’s ads, a lot of things are the same – but there’s one major difference between the two marketing eras that might not be what you think.

The difference is digital.

See, marketing in the fifties and sixties had to achieve the same goal: Create an ad and sell a product. But what they didn’t have was the advantage of digital marketing that you have at your disposal today.

If you have a small business and you aren’t applying digital marketing in the right way, you’re stuck in the wrong era – and selling cheeseburgers to fifties consumers in a twenty-first century world.

Here’s why small and independent businesses need digital marketing.

People Find Things Digitally

One of the most important reasons why you should market your business digitally is because people find most of their products and services that way. If you need a locksmith or garden service, you head to your search engine – or you click on an appropriate ad for it.

Consumers have gone digital. So should the marketing for your business.

Digital Marketing Spreads Fast

Digital marketing spreads fast – and faster than traditional forms of advertising that were around a few decades ago. Can you imagine how many phone calls you would have needed to make in a row back in the fifties to get the same reach as one Facebook post or ad?

Living in a digitally powered world gives you the advantage of being able to use digital marketing to reach more customers faster than mankind has ever been able to before. It would be a shame if you weren’t applying it to your business in the right ways. Contact us at Ceemi Agency, we can help.