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Are you a small business owner? What are you doing to boost your marketing efforts in 2020? We put together this list of top trends in digital marketing for 2020.

The Shift to Mobile

Statistics show that more people are choosing to shift to mobile as their preferred means of accessing the internet. More than 50% of all e-commerce online occurs through mobile devices. Make sure you set up your website to be mobile-friendly in 2020.

The Rise of Social Selling

Your company might already have social media accounts, but what are you doing with them? More companies realize the power social media plays in brand awareness and selling in 2020. Using platforms like Facebook ads can advertise your local business to targeted prospects around your city that use your service or products.

Changes to SEO Tactics

Google is continually upgrading its algorithm. You need to stay on top of search trends to understand what changes you need to make to your SEO strategy in 2020.

In Closing – Work with Professionals

As a business owner, you need help with managing your small business digital marketing strategy. Choose CeeMi Agency and work with professionals that bring your small business the results you want in 2020.