We’ve all heard of them, we’ve all heard they are important, but what are they exactly?

Do you remember your grade school years when you were asked to write essays? Many times you would quote another book or article. When you did this you were required to cite that book or article at the end of the paper, known to you as citations. By giving this citation, you were giving credit to another source.

Backlinks are very similar to those citations you used to write, but an online version. When a backlink is applied, that site is giving another site credit, which increases the “legitimacy” of that site. This legitimacy is referred to in the SEO world as “Domain authority.” The more backlinks a site has, the more “legitimate” google will see that site (increasing Domain Authority), which in turn places the site in a higher position in google searches.

Ok, so this sounds easy enough, right? Well, how do you get backlinks? Can you just go put your site URL on every site you see in hopes it will give you better Domain Authority? No.

Google also will look at the relevancy of your backlinks. If you’re a plumber placing your link in a cookie baking site, google will say “hey, this doesn’t look right” which will prompt google to push you down in the rankings because it thinks you have something wrong with your site. So what kind of backlinks are there and how do I know its right for a business?

Ways to create backlinks

Directory Listings

Most common and easiest – this simply involves making sure your site information such as web address, phone number, address, is consistent across all online directories. A few directories you use include Yelp, Google, Bing, Yahoo, Google Maps, etc. There are over 2,000 online directories and they are growing daily. The key here is to get your site on as many as possible and make sure they all say the same thing. If they are different from site to site, then your ranking will go down. However, it’s not just as simple as putting your information on all 2,000 in one day (which would be nearly impossible anyways). This is because google looks at how many of these backlinks are added to your site on a monthly basis. Remember, Google is looking for patterns, so if you were to put yourself on all 2,000 this month and none next month, google will say “hey, this doesn’t look right” which will prompt google to push you down in the rankings because it raises suspicion. The reverse applies as well – exactly 30 backlinks every month will raise red flags so it needs to vary slightly from month to month. Check out our packages where you will see how many backlinks are offered on a monthly basis. The backlinks we offer are clients fall under this category.

Guest Posting

This means you write or publish an article on someone else’s blog. In the credits section, you and your site would receive credit. This is a great way to get your name out. It does involve a lot of networking and can be time consuming. Typically if bloggers allow guest posting, they will do it for sites that have similar rankings when it comes to domain authority.


Become an expert and get yourself interviewed. Let’s say you are a chiropractor. All of you have to do is search
for podcasts that relate to your field of expertise. Reach out to the owners and ask if they can use you in an episode as an expert. Give them topics and ideas on what to talk about. Podcasts are constantly looking for new content. By doing this you will receive credit for the interview which usually involves a site link on the podcast site, thus creating a backlink.

Blog quotes & shoutouts

Become a source for bloggers, writers, news outlets. Have you ever noticed sometimes when reading an article online some words may be blue with a line under it? This is usually clickable. This is a backlink.

Impact of Backlinks

Traditionally, backlinks are meant to improve SEO, but there are times a backlink can be used incorrectly and hurt you rather than help. What used to be an easy process of more backlinks leading to higher rank has been replaced with an algorithm which tests for quality and relevance of the links. Here are some ways backlinks can both positively and negatively affect your website’s rank.

Positive Impact

Sites with domain authority
Sites with topical authority
Popular sites
Relevant links
Links with high ranking
Other Links

Negative Impact

Unrelated sources
Untrusted sources
Purchased links
Broken or dead links
Link exchanges
Link networks

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