Social Media Marketing

Social Media Is Crucial for Your Business

At Ceemi Agency in Long Beach, CA  expert-guided Social Media Marketing that improves your unique brand’s voice and awareness with our specialized Social Media strategies. 

Businesses NEED a social media presence; period. It is the online storefront of the business. Social Media Management is a growing trend among businesses, but there is still a huge gap where many people don’t understand the VALUE of their social media presence. Most businesses understand, “If I send out a coupon in the mail and someone walks in with the coupon, then it worked.” Unfortunately, a lot of business owners are taking this same mentality to social media: “If someone comes in and says they found my business through social media, then it worked.” This is NOT how social media works. The social media posting and management we provide is designed to legitimize your business.

The Social Media Numbers Don’t Lie

There are now 3.2 billion social media users worldwide. That’s 42% of the population.

69% of adults based in the U.S reportedly use Facebook

48% of Baby Boomers, 77% of Generation X and 90% of Millennials are active users.

Users spend an average of 2 hours and 22 minutes on social media accounts every day.

73% of online marketers agree that social media marketing is an effective strategy.

2 million businesses today use Facebook advertising for promotion.

Some examples to think about:


. When someone gets a coupon in the mail, they are going to do some research before deciding whether or not they want to use that business. The client may go to their social media pages.  If they see nothing and decide this business isn’t for them, is it that the coupon didn’t work or is it that the lack of social media made them wary of going to a business they had never heard of? On the other hand. if they see an active account with a lot of followers and then use the coupon does that mean the coupon worked? Or does it mean that the social media accounts convinced the client?

2. Clients may tell you that social media marketing does nothing for them. While it’s easy to believe that, you have to think about it further.  Let’s take a mortgage company, for example. Not everyone is looking for a mortgage company all the time. But by posting weekly and staying visible on social media, who do you think is going to come to mind when a customer IS ready to start looking for a mortgage?

3. Let’s use the same example from #2. Let’s say a client is following a mortgage company and that client happens to be looking into houses. As they are driving around looking for open houses they just so happen to drive by that mortgage company’s building and see the company logo. The client immediately thinks, “That looks familiar, maybe they can help me.” What do you think the client will say to the mortgage company when asked how they heard about them? Will they say, “I follow you on social media,” or will they say “I was driving by”? Odds are they say the second option, when in reality the social media posts primed that person to recognize their brand.

4. Case studies have been done about the odd placement of soda vending machines outside of grocery stores. Why would someone buy a soda when they could simply walk in the store and buy one for less money?  The reason is that companies like Coca Cola are “priming” you to be familiar with the brand through the placement of their vending machines. This means that when you are making your purchases in the store, the soda you’ve seen most recently is Coca Cola, making you more likely to purchase Coca Cola. Overall, social media can help push a client over the edge when they are deciding between multiple options.

What Can Social Media Do for My Business?

Connect businesses & customers

 Increase brand awareness

Legitimize your business

Engage with your customers

Reach your target audiences

Grow Your Business Online

With more than three billion people around the world using social media every month, it’s no passing trend.

When you work with Ceemi Agency, we evaluate your current social media profiles and identify strengths and weaknesses. Our team will then work with you to make improvements to your social media presence. If your small business has yet to establish social media accounts, we’ll help you to create new business accounts, while explaining the benefits of doing so.

Local Setup of Facebook and Twitter

By including relevant business information in your social media profiles, including your address and other contact information, you can provide current updates about your company to your customers, like hours of operation.

Monthly Social Media Marketing

Businesses benefit most when they produce content consistently. We’ll create monthly content that will provide value to your customers and increase engagement. This consistent activity will help remind consumers of your company, helping to grow your brand.

Powerful Blog Posts

Backlinks are an integral component when it comes to boosting your website’s traffic. By sharing the blog posts we write for you on your social media accounts as well, you’ll get increased traffic to your site.

Analytics for all Social Media

Using social media analytics, we’ll track your social media marketing results to ensure we are maximizing your potential outreach. With monthly reports on our efforts, clients will understand the actual impact that social media marketing has on their business’s growth.

What Clients Are Saying About Ceemi Agency

"Michael and his team are the best! They work hard in managing our website and they make sure that potential clients know the type of services we provide. If any changes need to be made on our website, they are more than happy to do it.

They also advertise on our behalf. Since hiring Ceemi Agency, I have seen progress in the amount of potential clients that contact us. Just last month, we had twelve leads and all twelve hired us. These are the type of results that Ceemi Agency provides.

Hiring Ceemi Agency has been the best decision we've ever made."

Andrea Alfaro | Paralegal, Advanced Paralegal Services

"When it comes to sales approach, negotiation skills, and overall ability to understand a business and what is needed to increase revenue— Michael knows his stuff. From a consulting point of view, his strong sense of business will help directly and indirectly impact the bottom line numbers."

Eddie Sardinha | Owner, Lev Group