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Ceemi Agency Digital Marketing Solutions


When did you start?

We officially started offering our service in 2019 and our in house team has combined over 300 years of digital marketing experience.


How many staff do you have?

We currently have a team of 13 with experience in Web design, Social media management, Ad management, PPC management, SEO, Graphic design, Blog writing, and much more!


Where are you based?

We are based in Long Beach, California.


What are your hours of operation?

Our hours are 8am PST to 5pm PST, Monday through Friday.


How do you communicate with clients?

The easiest way to communicate with us is through email, but you may also call our office with inquiries.


What if I am already on the 1st page for a keyword, how does the Guarantee apply to me?

If you are already on the 1st page for a keyword, the Guarantee will not apply other than that we will keep you on the 1st page for at least one keyword by the 6th month.


Can I buy a site without getting a package?

Yes, not only can you buy a site by itself, but all of our services can be purchased a la carte. Please reach out to us with your needs.


Why does it take three (3) weeks to get a draft of my new site?

In the digital marketing world, you have some options, of which you can choose two.

  • Affordable website
  • Quality website
  • Fast delivery of website

The reality is that if you want a website to be high quality and fast, then you cant expect it to be affordable. If you want the website affordable and want it fast, you can’t expect the quality to be there. We have chosen to base our model around quality websites that are affordable. Yes, sometimes our sites may take a little longer to complete compared to other companies, but it’s worth it. Don’t just take our word for it, check out our reviews.


Why can’t I contact the designer of my site directly?

Our designers would love to connect with you directly, but unfortunately they are typically busy creating the sites. We don’t want to disrupt the creative zone they may be in at the time. For us to be efficient and keep our costs low we need to funnel all inquires to our designers through one of our client relations specialists. If the need for a designer is necessary then we will schedule a 30-minute call  ahead of time, typically anywhere from 1 to 3 business days after the request is made.


What company offers the best website designs?

Ceemi Agency of course! There are a lot of choices out there when it comes to picking the right company to work with and we encourage you to do your research. Always ask for examples of work.


What business industries does Ceemi Agency prefer to work with?

We can provide digital marketing solutions to any industry. One of the main things we look at when agreeing to a partnership is the client’s ability to communicate. Unfortunately, we cannot build your business for you. This means there will be a significant amount of communication required on your end to help us build you the perfect site. Building a website is similar to creating art and art is subjective. The more guidance you give us the better. This is a partnership. We don’t work for you; we work with you. In rare circumstances, if we feel the communication and/or respect isn’t there, we will terminate the agreement.


Do you outsource your work?

We do not outsource our work. All our work is produced by Ceemi Agency staff.


Can I switch plans in the future?

Yes, of course. If a plan is changed, please be aware the monthly charges may change.


Do I have to sign a contract?

All our packages are designed to be month to month, meaning no longer-term contracts. However, in some instances, if a client has specific requests, there may be a contract, but this would be discussed before anything is signed.


Are these prices set in stone?

Our pricing has not changed since inception. Our prices are not set in stone and are subject to change as time goes on. Customers can expect price increases of roughly 1% to 3% per year. If a customer would like to lock in pricing, this would be an instance where a contract would be imposed.


Do I get I discount if I don’t use some of the features offered in my package?

At this time we do not offer discounts if certain features are not used in the package. If there are several features not being used, we do offer all our services a la carte.


What If I don’t see a package that fits my needs best?

No worries, we can create custom packages that fit your business.


Is there tax on top of the package pricing?

No, being that we are a service-based business we are not currently required to collect tax. Should this change, we will notify our customers.


Is there cancellation charges?

There is no charge for cancellation, unless otherwise specified in a unique contract situation (rare). We do require a written 30-day notice to cancel so there may be a prorated amount charged to ensure a complete 30 days. Additionally, for customers who have financed the setup; any remaining balance will be due upon cancellation.


Do I own the rights to the site built for me?

Yes, you own all the rights to the site.


If I cancel, do I get to keep my site?

Yes, we will not hold your site hostage, assuming you are in good standing with payments. Upon cancellation, you can either move your site to a host of your own or keep your site hosted with us for $6.00/mo. charged once a year at $72.00. Upon site transfer, you accept responsibility for the site.


Will you make social media accounts for me if I don’t have them?

Yes, we can make social media accounts. This will require some setup, so be prepared to be on a call with our social media department for about 30 to 45 minutes.


When is my billing date?

Your monthly billing date anniversary will be on the same day as your on-boarding call.


May I change my billing date?

Yes, you may change the billing date. We will prorate the difference in days to change to a date of your choice.


Will you work with my in-house marketing person?

Absolutely, we play great with others!


What if I don’t have time or desire to write my own content?

No problem, we have in-house content writers that can assist. Content writing is not part of a website build, so extra charges will incur. To clarify, we will edit existing content to follow best SEO practices at no additional charge but writing content from scratch is not included.


What features are included in your packages?

A detailed list of what is included in each package of our digital marketing solutions can be found on our pricing page and a detailed explanation of each feature can be found in our Digital Marketing 101 tab. Features to learn more about include: SEO, email marketing, geo-targeting, Google Ads, Facebook/Instagram ads, blogging, backlinking, and social media management.