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Your Digital Marketing Agency in-a-box contains everything you need to create residual income – make money while you sleep in ANY city in the United States

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We’ll guide and support you in your journey of owning and operating a successful business in what’s estimated to be a TRILLION dollar industry by 2027

Ceemi Agency is an award-winning Digital Marketing Agency that offers affordable, well-rounded solutions, for small businesses looking to increase their online presence. We’ve spent years developing a strong reputation as a one-stop-shop for online services including:

Web Design

First impressions are EVERYTHING; you know this. In today’s world, websites can go beyond being an extension of you business card. IF done RIGHT, they can be a 24/7 sales agent for your company.

Local SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Consumers prefer working with businesses “near me.” To show up in the “near me” keywords you need a localized SEO strategy that fits your local area. This creates more calls, creating more business.

Social Media Management

Consumers do research on you before they decide to call or walk in the door. A consistent social media presence not only shows consumers you’re active but also that you’re human. Human is good.

Social Media Ads Management

What’s the difference between social ads and boosting? A lot; and then you need to decide not only the budget but if social media advertising makes more sense than google ads.

Content Creation

“Everyone” says “Content is king” and yet is it always so hard to know WHAT content to create. How do you know if it will make your business money? Don’t worry, we can help with that.

Google Ads Management

Yes, it works. No, don’t try it on your own, you’ll lose money. You’re an expert in your field and we are Google Ads Experts. If you need clients quickly, Google ads is a great option.

Google Guarantee Management

One of the newer advertising options from Google allowing you to only pay for GOOD leads. IF your business qualifies for this advertising vertical you’ll save money and make money.

Google Business Profile Management

Google created their own “social media” platform for businesses. These “mini-sites” give you more opportunity to showcase your expertise. Trust when we say you NEED to be in the Google 3-pack.

E-Mail Marketing

You have prospect, past, and current clients. Monthly emails reminding them of your services is a no-brainer. E-mail campaigns continue to be one of the most cost effective ways to gain new business.

Website Hosting

Choosing the right website host is vital. If you share your server (host) with other websites that aren’t monitored it could be a recipe for disaster. Independent servers protect your business.

Website Security

Websites have hundreds of hacking attempts EVERY DAY. A hacking can impact your domain, emails, equipment, etc. We layer your site with multiple levels of protection to reduces the risk of hacking.

Website Maintenance

Your phone needs updates once in a while, right? Your car needs routine maintenance to keep running smoothly, right? Websites are no different; they need to be constantly monitored for updates.

Digital Marketing Consulting

With 150+ years of combined experience and over 600 clients it’s safe to say we are AWESOME at digital marketing. Whether it’s general advice or an individualized plan, we’ve got you covered.

Backlinking / Guest Posting

Backlinks are like “borrowing” the reputation of the company posting your Guest Post, thus Google ranking you higher. If Kylie Jenner said “Ceemi is cool” our following would spike; same concept.

Citation Building

Thousands of online directories exist “out there.” Your business info is on many of them and it is vital that it is consistently the same or Google says “this isn’t the same, maybe I won’t rank them high”

We help you grow YOUR business!

As a business to business (B2B) brand, our well-structured business model allows not only success for your clients, but also you.

Ceemi Agency was originally started to simply produce sales in the digital marketing space. Sales were outsourced to companies that “white labeled” digital services. Almost immediately it became clear that there was no help whatsoever available for the reseller; everything had to be self-taught. Services were outsourced to a point where communication lacked, quality lacked, commission percent lacked, and dissatisfied clients increased. Ceemi Agency quickly transitioned into an “in-house staff” model and created not only an operational structure that clients valued, but also a system for aspiring business owners that wanted assistance in every aspect of growing a digital marketing agency.

Why Choose Ceemi Agency?

Top Rated

From having Top 100 Advertising Leaders in America to being a top Marketing Agency in Southern California, Ceemi Agency has a reputation for producing results

Residual / Subscription Model

Our packages are month to month subscriptions that provide you with passive, residual income each month

Proven Track Record

Because it’s easier to process and understand, it takes less time for a consumer to process a direct mailer than a digital advertisement visually. Direct mailers also prompt a motivation response rate that’s 20 percent higher.

SEO is For Life

Just like being healthy and fit is a lifestyle, staying high in Google rankings is a lifestyle. Once you stop, you lose placement. This results in long term clientele.

Sales Support

Unlike any other business, we will sell for you. Have a lead but don’t know what to sell them or how to explain? Get them on a call with us and we will help you sell it at no additional cost to you.

Simple Startup

No industry experience required for dealerships

Who is the best fit?

For starters, you are here because you are thinking about starting your own digital marketing agency. That’s the biggest key. Here are some other things we have noticed in those who have done exceptionally well:

  • You have a book of business: Maybe you have worked in the advertising world selling print or other digital services and you’re just tired of busting your hump every day without passive income from all your hard work. Your book of business is valuable, and the best part is, you own it when you bring it to Ceemi Agency. What happens if you have 100 clients with Ceemi Agency and you want to exit? We want first right of refusal to buy your clients.
  • You have a work ethic: You’re not afraid of grinding. You wouldn’t be starting a business (or shouldn’t be) without this mentality
  • You have been in sales: Maybe you’ve always been a top producer but feel you aren’t reaping the rewards. Sure, a 6-figure income is doable in sales when you work every day, but what about 6 figures passive income?
  • You have a passion for helping others succeed: Helping others is the core of our business. We work with small business owners. They are not running a business to pay for their yacht. With your help these business owners can not only pay their bills but achieve their version of success and freedom.
  • You have a passion for learning: The digital marketing world is constantly changing, and we must be willing to learn and quickly adapt to what is working.

Balance Your Business and Your Life

Our digital marketing dealership provide you with a healthy work-life balance, unlike many overworked business owners. We do all the backend work that you don’t want to do. Our support ranges from but is not limit to:


Sales Support




Billing / Invoicing








Customer Service


Client Relations


Client Development


We guarantee our dealerships a positive quality of life through the following:

· Choose your hours: You decide how many hours you want to put into this business. Obviously our more successful owners put in at least full-time hours.

· Work from Home: Work from wherever you want. There is no requirement for a brick-and-mortar office / storefront.

Ongoing Training & Support

We ensure that you are knowledgeable and ready to serve your community.

You’ll have the option to train virtually or in person at our headquarters in Long Beach, California. You can expect to feel confident within 2 weeks of training.

After that, you’ll get personal one-on-one training weekly. You’ll have full access to our team whenever you have questions.

A Turnkey Investment

No one starts a business believing they won’t need to advertise and market their business. COVID19 has proven that digital marketing now a vital aspect to any business that wishes to succeed.

Our dealership program offers an opportunity for you to capitalize on one of the fastest growing industries in existence without the headache of “figuring it out.”

If you’ve ever considered starting a digital marketing agency, but didn’t know where to start, Ceemi Agency is your first step to making your dream a reality.

What Clients Are Saying About Ceemi Agency

"Michael and his team are the best! They work hard in managing our website and they make sure that potential clients know the type of services we provide. If any changes need to be made on our website, they are more than happy to do it.

They also advertise on our behalf. Since hiring Ceemi Agency, I have seen progress in the amount of potential clients that contact us. Just last month, we had twelve leads and all twelve hired us. These are the type of results that Ceemi Agency provides.

Hiring Ceemi Agency has been the best decision we've ever made."

Andrea Alfaro | Paralegal, Advanced Paralegal Services

"When it comes to sales approach, negotiation skills, and overall ability to understand a business and what is needed to increase revenue— Michael knows his stuff. From a consulting point of view, his strong sense of business will help directly and indirectly impact the bottom line numbers."

Eddie Sardinha | Owner, Lev Group