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Cee•mi: /see-me/ verb; 1. The art of promoting a business through digital media.

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Ceemi Agency’s Story

Learn about the team at Ceemi Agency in Long Beach, CA. Dedicated to boosting your business’s online profile and increasing your conversions.

The concept behind Ceemi Agency is simple; offer small & medium-sized businesses access to quality digital marketing services that don’t break the bank. There is no shortage of expensive advertising agencies. In fact, this is a popular industry to get into because of the lack of education most people have about it.

Many agencies will use fancy lingo to justify their outrageous prices. More often than not you’ll find agencies telling you they can “optimize” your site or “optimize” your accounts to yield “greater ROI” through “optimization.” What does this even mean? That is exactly the point, use big words, and attach an even bigger price tag to it.

The reality is Digital Marketing, if managed appropriately, doesn’t need to be expensive and shouldn’t sound like a foreign language. What have we done to offer such great pricing? Nothing. We don’t outsource like MOST agencies you talk to; you can meet our talented team below. We don’t use bad techniques or cut corners. We simply reduce our profit margin to a reasonable place. Both owners, Michael & Cristina, know what it’s like to be a small business which is why we take your business personally; so much that we even stop billing if we don’t reach the goals laid out.

Collectively, our team has over 300 years of sales and digital marketing experience. Don’t just take our word on it, check out our Rockstar team below.

Our Digital Marketing Team

Michael G, CEO

Michael is an east coast, crab loving, Marylander. When he wasn’t eating crab cakes and watching football, he was working on his first business at the age of 17. His competitive drive didn’t just come from running a business; he also wrestled his entire life, which ultimately landed him at John Carroll University. With a degree in Business Administration in 2009, Michael started his career by going door to door selling cable services. Not the most glorious position right out of school, but it was during this time he learned the art of sales, management, and leadership. His dedication and work ethic made him a force to be reckoned with in the advertising world! By 2011 Michael acquired several contracts with large Fortune 500 clients. By 2015 he had started and managed over a dozen locations throughout the United States giving him the experience needed to consult for many small and medium sized businesses. Michael has a reputation for hitting all sales goals put in front of him. As CEO of Ceemi Agency, Michael brings his experience to help businesses of all sizes to increase their revenue through advertising. Not only can he help build an advertising campaign that will increase leads, he will help you turn those leads into revenue using proven sales techniques. He is excited to begin this new adventure with his soon to be wife, Cristina Contreras, who also comes from a strong sales background. Together, they look forward to helping you build your empire.

Cristina C, VP of Business Development

Cristina Contreras is a dog loving, beach going, SoCal professional. Cristina wasted no time after graduating from Cal State Fullerton. She relates her work to a quote by Marlanne Williamson, “Success means we go to sleep at night knowing that our talents and abilities were used in a way that served others.” She is fueled with passion and is committed to performing a job well done. She has helped drive new business for companies such as Redbull, Jarritos, 5-Hour Energy, and H&R Block. She has had many roles that make her an expert in gaining new business. Marketing, advertising, B2B marketing, product and service marketing are just a few skills that she will bring to your business. Most recently, she worked with Anthem Blue Cross, where she developed core markets by creating community partnerships that focus on education of services and marketing. She exceeds all expectations set in front of her. She loves to empower those on her team to meet their goals with strategic activities that generate results. As VP of Business Development, Cristina will help take your business to the next level through digital marketing. She has partnered with her husband, Michael Gross, in this venture and is excited to share her experience and knowledge.

Winnona G, Advertising Consultant

Winnona is a karaoke-loving foodie from Southern California, and she has all the connections.

Winnona graduated from Cal Poly Pomona, but her experience writing press releases and giving interviews on radio and television started before she even had her degree.

Her diverse background, from teaching for the LA County School district, owning a personal chef business, and representing a nutraceuticals company, gives her a unique perspective on how to grow your business through advertising.

As a member of the leading networking organization in the world, BNI, Winnona uses her ability to connect people to make the world a better place. She jokes that she beats Kevin Bacon since she only has 3 degrees of separation from anyone on the planet.

As Advertising Consultant Winnona will connect you with the right people so you can grow your business quickly.

Grace Wu, Advertising Consultant for Ceemi Agency

Grace W, Operations Manager

Grace is an easygoing, southern girl who lives off country music and a good cup of coffee.

She graduated from Biola University with a BA in Psychology. Her education continues to help her understand people from different backgrounds.

She started her career going B2B selling office supplies, where she learned the art of sales and honed her ability to connect with people. Her experience with business owners and interpersonal skills allow her to connect with small to medium-sized businesses and understand their desire to grow and achieve target goals.

Grace started off as one of Ceemi’s first advertising consultants, and has built her way up to our in-house operations manager. In addition to graciously handling communications with clients, she makes sure that things around the office work as smoothly as possible so that we can meet and exceed your business’s marketing goals. 

Grace Wu, Advertising Consultant for Ceemi Agency

Riley D, Advertising Consultant

Born and raised in sunny Long Beach, CA; Riley graduated from Valparaiso University in Indiana with an undergraduate degree in marketing and later on obtained a graduate degree in Master of Business Administration (MBA).

In his free time, Riley loves to skateboard and roller-skate at the local skatepark. (He also considers himself to be the best pool player in the office, but that’s up for debate.)

Grace Wu, Advertising Consultant for Ceemi Agency

Erin W, Client Development

A South Bay native, Erin attended local CSU Dominguez Hills, where she graduated with a BS in Business Administration with an emphasis in International Studies.

She’s an avid reader, and in her spare time she loves joining her friends and family in pursuit of the best local restaurants and binge-watching Netflix shows such as (but not limited to) dramas, K-dramas, and anime.

Erin’s favorite musical artists include Paramore, Taylor Swift, Alt Bloom, Montell Fish, and BTS.

Erin quickly has worked her way up from bright-eyed advertising consultant to Head of Client Development, your point of contact when it comes to your company’s numbers and overall digital marketing advising. 

Grace Wu, Advertising Consultant for Ceemi Agency

Alex H, Content Writer

A recent graduate of the University of Oregon— Alex is a writer, musician, and self-proclaimed “sports freak” (with a perpetual hunger for pro sports, lively sports debate, and anything Oregon-Ducks-related).

With a background in the sports business and media studies fields, Alex hopes to contribute to Ceemi Agency at the highest levels in upcoming years and beyond.

In the near future, Alex aims to publish a science fiction series, continue creating music, and contribute to content writing and branding with us at Ceemi. Through personal and professional projects, his passion for storytelling drives his urgency to create and move toward his vision of success. (Quite the ambitious guy— make sure to keep a lookout for his name in the game, and we’ll hope he still remembers us when he’s famous!)

In the meantime, he’s clawed his way up from one of our best advertising consultants to one of our favorite content writers— when it comes to writing blogs for your company’s website, he’s the man! 

Grace Wu, Advertising Consultant for Ceemi Agency

Seaira G, Content Writing

Seaira is a detail-oriented, creative, animal-loving South Bay girl who enjoys spending her free time writing, painting, and listening to music.

 Seaira graduated from CSU Fullerton with her degree in Marketing in 2021 and is thrilled to start helping local businesses get everything they can out of our digital marketing campaigns. The greatest strengths that she contributes to the Ceemi Agency team are her communication, collaboration, and organization skills.

Grace Wu, Advertising Consultant for Ceemi Agency

Chanelle M, Web Designer

Born and raised in the East Bay Area, Chanelle is a wildcard with a knack for just about anything remotely artistic.

When she’s not hiking and poking wild animals with sticks, this self-proclaimed “undercover nerd” enjoys spending her free time drawing, writing, gaming, and binge-watching almost any sci-fi TV show that the streaming world has to offer.

Armed with a go-getter attitude and creative mind, Chanelle takes on each day as a new challenge and learning opportunity— always keeping her eyes on the horizon.

Grace Wu, Advertising Consultant for Ceemi Agency

Mathew H, Business Development

Mathew is an active guy hailing from Miami, Florida, who loves spending his free time scuba diving, fishing, skiing, and playing basketball. He also has a booming social life, in which he enjoys hanging out with friends and family.

Mathew made the move to Los Angeles after graduating from the University of Colorado Boulder with degrees in Environmental Science and Business. Here is where he began his career as an Account Executive in a business-to-business sales role in which he learned the art of sales, leadership, and team-building.

As an Advertising Consultant at Ceemi, Matthew applies his extensive sales, business, and customer-care knowledge to every opportunity—making sure that all clients exceed their business goals.

Grace Wu, Advertising Consultant for Ceemi Agency

Chris M, Advertising Consultant

As a guy born and raised in Los Angeles, CA, it only makes sense that Chris is an avid surfer, rollerblader, and skater. When he’s not enjoying his favorite outdoor activities under the SoCal sun, he occasionally spends his time indoors playing some of his favorite video games.

Chris received his degree in Journalism from California State University Dominguez Hills, and is always looking to sharpen his skills. As a self-proclaimed “glass-half-full” type of guy, he has a positive outlook on life— making him a ray of sunshine in the office and out on the field! 

John, Website & Design Senior Manager

John is a 90s and 80s music loving Bostonian who gets a kick out watching his two daughters grow up into strong, independent women.

With more than 25 years of experience as a creative and marketing professional, John’s curiosity and need to understand how things work brought him to the top of his field.

John attended art school in California and got his start in the world of web design back in the early 90s. Since then he has been one of the first to master all the working parts of websites and digital marketing, from coding and networking, to analytics and functionality. As John says, “A website is like a machine.” It’s up to John to keep your business’s machine in tip-top shape.

Success with category leaders such as 4over, Inc., Cerwin-Vega, KRK Systems and ProSound and Stage Lighting have made John adept at anticipating and capitalizing on opportunities to help clients grow their business.

As the Senior Manager of Website & Design, John is crucial to the Ceemi team and has his hand in all things related to SEO, Web Design, Email Marketing and Creative Content.

Kim C, Website & Design Manager

Kim is an enthusiastic dance mom, animal lover and an avid reader with a killer smile.

She has a dual BS in Computer Science & Accounting and a Masters in Business Administration.
Kim has spent over 20 years as a creative web developer, dedicating 10 of those years to honing her expertise in WordPress. She has a keen eye for upcoming trends and can build your website to fit your customer’s needs and your business’s personality. She gained a variety of technical skills from working in the telecom industry as a programmer & web developer, and has developed her design skills over time. She was, however, born with good taste.

Kim has worn many hats through the years (often at the same time) including hotel management, accounting, newspaper writing & wedding florist. The diversity of her background will help to make your business’s website stand out from your competitors in any industry.

As Website & Design Manager at Ceemi, Kim will bring flair, experience, and technical excellence to your business.

Emily Chang Employee Photo

Rana F, Head SEO & Content Writing Strategist

Rana is a quirky lover of novels and fashion, with a (debatable) knack for dialects and accents that will have you questioning where she really grew up.

Born in Brooklyn and raised in Los Angeles, Rana graduated from California State University, Long Beach with a degree in Political Science and Communications. Since then, she has worked for several non-profit organizations fighting for social justice and starred in a couple of films.

Above everything else, Rana is a passionate and empathetic storyteller— a talent she has used in her writing and acting from the time she first picked up a pen and spoke her first words.

Overall, Rana’s eclectic background gives her a worldly, well-rounded perspective from which to write and generate a fresh, compelling, and engaging content strategy. She makes sure that your website’s content is crafted by best SEO practice standards and geared toward your unique business niche, so that you can stand out from the crowd (and rocket to the top of those Google rankings!). 

Emily Chang Employee Photo

Fahad R, PPC/SEM Paid Search Manager

Born and raised in Karachi, Pakistan, Fahad Rehman officially moved to the USA in November of 2019.

Aside from bringing an impressive 20+ total years of experience in web design and SEO/SEM, Fahad is an avid player of table tennis and cricket with a deep love for his family. He also enjoys hiking, going on road trips, and watching movies.

Fahad has helped over a thousand small businesses with setting up their Google Ads Campaigns and optimizing them for better conversions. He always stays up-to-date on all the latest developments in everything SEM, SEO, Web Design, and Web Hosting— so you can always count on Fahad to make sure your website is performing its best in search engine results.

Lynne B, Office Manager

Lynne is a mother of 4, Nanny to 2 and enjoys playing her favorite character on the hit show 911 and Good Girls!

Lynne has a bachelor’s degree in Accounting from the University of Houston, and after 30 years in the Lone Star State, she moved to Beverly Hills in 2017. She wears many hats here at Ceemi, from keeping the books to planning our morning meetings, using her skills in accounting, marketing, management, payroll, HR and more.

Lynne’s past experiences, from owning her own photography business and resale store to managing a dentist’s office, mean that she’s the woman for the job, no matter what the job is!

As the Office Manager, Lynne is essential to Ceemi’s success in helping clients grow their business to the next level.

Our Values


We are not a company who will work with you for a few days or weeks. With analytics software and an experienced team, we seek to enter a relationship that will last for years.


At Ceemi Agency, we provide custom solutions. To do this effectively, we need to take the time to get to know our clients. We’ll work with you to gain an understanding of your business operations.

Quality Service

We understand that our clients are making an investment in their marketing services, which is why we want to improve top-notch service. We continually seek the latest software and printing methods to deliver quality products to our customers.

Our Vision

We value the local community, and our vision is to see it grow and thrive. We won’t stop working until this becomes a reality. Our goal is for every small and mid-sized business in the area to “make it” and become successful. With affordable rates, years of experience, and exceptional customer service, we genuinely believe that our vision can become a reality.

Our Insights

If we told you that you could find a local and real business that provides high-quality work and quick turnaround times, would you think this is possible? What if we mentioned that the company’s rates were the most affordable in the industry? Sounds too good to be true, right?

While we feel that this should be the reality with every company, the sad truth is that it is not the case. However, when working with us, we guarantee that you’ll receive all three of these things. With a professional office and in-house design team, we’ll work to provide small and mid-sized business owners with a custom marketing solution that fits within their budget. Our team of experts has years of experience in the marketing industry, providing you with valuable insights that cannot be found elsewhere.

Our Digital Marketing & Advertising Awards

  • Rising Star 2013 – Leadership Magazine
  • Promoting Owner Bonus Recipient – 2013
  • Lowest Cancels Award – AT&T – 2012, 2013
  • #2 U-Verse office in Country (106 locations) – 7 months in 2013, 3 months in 2014
  • BBB Accredited – 2013 – 2017
  • Finalist – 2014 Best Places to Work – St. Louis Business Journal – 2014
  • #1 Ranked Sales Office in St Louis – 8 months in a row
  • #1 B2B Sales Location – Vonage – 1st Quarter 2017
  • 2018 – Record Highest Sales Year – 147% of Quota YTD
  • 2020 – Expertise’s Best Social Media Marketing Agencies in Torrance, CA

What Clients Are Saying About Ceemi Agency

"Michael and his team are the best! They work hard in managing our website and they make sure that potential clients know the type of services we provide. If any changes need to be made on our website, they are more than happy to do it.

They also advertise on our behalf. Since hiring Ceemi Agency, I have seen progress in the amount of potential clients that contact us. Just last month, we had twelve leads and all twelve hired us. These are the type of results that Ceemi Agency provides.

Hiring Ceemi Agency has been the best decision we've ever made."

Andrea Alfaro | Paralegal, Advanced Paralegal Services

"When it comes to sales approach, negotiation skills, and overall ability to understand a business and what is needed to increase revenue— Michael knows his stuff. From a consulting point of view, his strong sense of business will help directly and indirectly impact the bottom line numbers."

Eddie Sardinha | Owner, Lev Group